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M-chans Rants

3 February 1984
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Ok So you want to know me well I pretty much love to do alot of stuff.. I grew up in aloha Oregon. I recently had some bad luck with my health.. I am living with an incurable disease called MS. (it has something to do with shores on my brain.) So yah I have bad luck anyway I am just a happy chick trying to live life to the fullest I can.. If you wanna know more just ask me I don't bite.

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7 years of buffy is LOVE

yah like you want to know my whole life story . well mandy loves the buffy that show kicks ass. But I also love angel just as much.

Hana Yori Dango Live Action Is Love

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Mana is elegant love.


Ni~ya is Love

Shounen ai is love.

Visual Dir en grey was love.

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Made By krissasaur.

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雅-Miyavi is Spazztic Love.

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雅-Miyavi's Comments are WTFisHeDoing? L♥ve.

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Flower 4 is love.